Bettina Flitner works for non-profit organsiations and foundations. Clients are:

Sternsinger, Medica Mondiale, Misereor, Missio, Haus der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Stiftung Preussischer Kulturbesitz, Kooperationsgemeinschaft Mammografie, Caritas, Das Prinzip Apfelbaum mit: action medeor, SOS-Kinderdörfern, Ärzte ohne Grenzen, Greenpeace, Welthungerhilfe, Johanniter Unfallhilfe, Vier Pfoten, Stiftung Denkmalschutz, Deutsche Herzstiftung, Deutsche Lepra und Tuberkolosehilfe, Deutsche Alzheimer Gesellschaft, Deutsche Umwelthilfe, Heinz-Sielmann-Stiftung, Menschen für Menschen, nph, The Right Livelihood Award, Weisser Ring, World Vision.

Sternsinger poster and calender 2016

In 2016 Bettina Flitner again photographed the poster and the calenders of the childrens aid organsiation „Die Sternsinger“. The photographer went, together with the Sternsinger-Crew, to Bolivia. First they stayed in La Paz and El Alto, then went up in the Andes mountains. Up there, in 4.000 meter hight, they discovered indegenous people and landscapes.

have a look at the calender
Website of the "Sternsinger"

The garbage collectors from Tondo

Tondo is the biggest slum area of Manial. The people in Tondo are literary living on the garbage. Many of them are earning some cents per day by collecting garbage. Also the children have to help. A reportage for Sternsinger-Magazin, 2014 > Mehr

A visit to congo

Civil war in congo. Millions of traumatised women, men and children. They are victims
of attacks, plunders and rapes. Bettina Flitner accompanied for two weeks the often improvised psychological help for the victims. > More

What shall last from you, when you are gone?

Bettina Flitner photographed 11 personalities for 14 non-profit organisations. And she talked with them about a sensitive subject: "What shall stay of you, when you are gone?" See the exhibition with large format photographs, the films showing the interviews and the making-of and the book >see photographs, films and book

Calender and Poster for the children's aid company STERNSINGER 2014

Again in 2014 Bettina Flitner photographed the calender and poster for the children's aid company Sternsinger. Subject: "refugees". Bettina Flitner photographed the children in the refugee camp Dzaleka in Malawi. They reached out for the stars. > more


Calender 2013

12 photographs from Tansania made for the child aid company "Sternsinger". More

The National Library and me

350 years national Library Berlin.Bettina Flitner photographed 24 personalities with the items of the National Library Berlin. More

Female and successful

12-piece work, 2011

12 sucessful women, who made their way to the top: The chief designer of Rolls Royce, Barbara Blume, the journalist Tissy Bruns or the biathlon athlete Kati Wilhelm. They are all idols for yong women and their life stories show, that it is worth to study.




This series of 12 portraits with text was made in commission of the"Kooperationsgemeinschaft Mammografie". Portraits of women
between 50 and 69 years old, they are the at-risk group no. 1
for breastcancer. More

50 Years Misereor

Since 1958 the catholic aid organsiation is helping more than 94.000 project worldwide. Misereor is working in 98 countries in Afrika, Asia and Latinamerica. Bettina Flitner has travelled through three continents and photographed the whole campaign for the 50th anniversary of Misereor. More